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Protect your home and workspace from viruses

Price for Apartments

Studio AED 149

1 Bedroom AED 249

2 Bedroom AED 299

3 Bedroom AED 349

4 Bedroom AED 399

5 Bedroom AED 499

6 Bedroom AED 599

Price for Villas

2 Bedroom AED 399

3 Bedroom AED 449

4 Bedroom AED 549

5 Bedroom AED 699

6 Bedroom AED 799

7 Bedroom AED 899

In Offermaids, we provide high-quality disinfection and sanitization services that kill 99.999% of germs including viruses, bacteria and fungus. Our experts are trained to focus and pay attention to each and every corner including high touch areas to prevent spread of any microbes.

We use bio-safe and hospital grade disinfectants such as Vital oxide and Bacoban and we provide a no-rinse required formula which is more efficient than other conventional disinfection formulas. It is a very less time consuming process, for example, it takes only upto 30 minutes to disinfect a 2BHK apartment.

  • Bio- safe ingredients
  • Focus every corners
  • Kills upto 99.999% germs
  • 100% safe on kids, eldery people and pets.
  • Fast and effective process
  • Ensure expert service
  • Special attention to high touch areas
  • Less time consuming