Terms and Conditions

General Terms

  • Booking a cleaning service can be done through our mobile app. Enter your details and specify your cleaning requirements to book a maid for your service. You can schedule an appointment specifying the type of cleaning you need.
  • Once you have booked your service, you'll receive a confirmation via email specifying the date and time of your booking. In case of an emergency, you have the option of rescheduling the booking.
  • Our maid transportation system tries to ensure that the maids reach you on time. However, the maids could be dropped early, or late by about 30 minutes in certain conditions. If you require the maids to arrive at the exact time, please add specific instructions for the same during booking, or contact our customer care service after the booking has been completed.We request your cooperation so that we may serve you better. We regret to add that no refund is possible under such circumstances.
  • Our working hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM. this can be extended depending on the availability of our maids and is subject to adjusted prices.
  • Offer price is not applicable for extended hours; normal price will be charged for additional hours.
  • Offer Maids reserves the right to withdraw any offer without prior notice
  • Special requests or instructions can be added to your bookings to help us give you more customized service.
  • If you require empty-apartment cleaning services for your home, you can specify your requests and instructions in advance if you are not available on a particular date.
  • Keeping in mind our clients safety, we have personally verified the credentials of all our maids. When you book through us, we provide only fully-trained and professional maids who are fluent in English, offering the highest quality cleaning service. We also provide dedicated supervisors to monitor our maid service.
  • The client is responsible for reporting any incident, breakage, damage or loss of property within 24 hours of completion of the service. Any claim reported after this time is not covered under our policy.
  • At Offer Maids, our main priority is the privacy of our clients. Our Privacy Policy document includes the types of information that are collected and recorded by Offer Maids and how we use it.
  • For Offer Maids, all customers are equally important. For your convenience, we offer active customer service so that we can provide quick responses for any feedback or complaints.
    If you have additional questions or require more information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us. For any queries/complaints, write to us at booking@offermaids.com or give us a call us at 0433932118.
  • In case of any incident that results in physical harm to the cleaning maids while on the client's premises, for which they are not directly responsible (e.g. pet bites, faulty tools and equipment provided by client), the reimbursement for any medical assistance must be provided by the client.

Cleaning Terms

  • Offer Maids does not provide hand-cleaning services for laundry cleaning.
  • Cleaning service does not include AC cleaning, couch cleaning, shampooing, and the cleaning of high ceilings and high windows.
  • Our maids are proscribed from using ladders during the course of their work.
  • The client can provide cleaning equipment for our maids if they choose to. However, the client will be charged if they require the maids to bring their own cleaning equipment.
  • Balcony cleaning services are unavailable between 10 AM and 4 PM during the summer.
  • The client must arrange entry pass for our maids if their residence is part of a closed housing area or villa. Damac property residents must log in to Hello Damac website - www.hellodamac.com - to approve the maids entry into the premises. Failure to do so would result in the non-refundable cancellation of the booking.
  • Offer applicable only in designated areas in Dubai.
  • Offer prices applicable for regular cleaning services only. Regular charges apply for deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and empty-apartment cleaning.
  • Our job is not finished until you are satisfied. If you are not happy with our service, give us a ring within 24 hours and let us know if you have any complaints.

Payment Terms

  • Payment for our services is only available through online payment modes.
  • When you book an appointment with us, payment needs to be completed within the stipulated time period. Non-payment during this period would result in the booking being automatically canceled.

Cancellation and Refund:

  • When you book with us, we reserve time for you over other potential customers to fulfill our commitment to you. Cancellation and rescheduling requests are subject to conditions. Refund and cancellation policies apply to all services provided by Offer Maids.
  • Contact us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel your booking. Any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are non-refundable
  • Refund of payment would be made through the same mode of payment used by the client.
  • Processing of the refund amount would take about 2 days from the time of cancellation.
  • The refunded amount would be credited back to the client within 5-7 days after processing.
  • We provide a rescheduling option for our clients. For rescheduling an appointment, you can visit our website or call our customer care executive directly.
  • There is no charge for rescheduling with 12-hour notice on working days.
  • We request that clients who book our maid service for Saturdays must make the cancellation request during business hours on the preceding Thursday.
  • If our maids require an entry pass for the client's residence premises, the client is responsible for providing the necessary documents. Failure to furnish the same would result in the non-refundable cancellation of the booking.