Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the booking?

Login to our website or mobile app with your smart phones, enter your details and specify your cleaning requirements.

For how many hours can I book a cleaner?

You can book a cleaner as per your requirements. Pick up a suitable service and based on that the cleaning hours and rates will be shown to you.

I am not able to book the time and date which I need

This may happen if you try to book a maid in a short notice period due to which the booking might be full.

Should I be at home on booking date?

It’s not mandatory. You can always specify your requests and instructions in advance if you are not available on that particular date.

Is it possible to add special requests or instructions to my bookings?

Yes you can. That would be a great help for us to give you a more customized service.

What is the next step after I make a booking?

Once you have made a suitable booking, you will get a confirmation via email, specifying the date and time of your booking including the cleaner name.

How can I file a complaint?

For any queries or complaints write down to us at (email address) or call us to (number)

Do I need to provide cleaning materials?

It is up to you whether you want to provide the cleaning materials or you want us to bring our own materials for cleaning but that would be charged additional.