Window Cleaning

professional window cleaning tips blue back groundThe windows are like doorways that allow us to see what’s happening in the outside world surrounding our premises or outsiders can get a glimpse of our houses interiors or both depending on how the windows allow light to pass through them.

Windows are an important part of our house as it allows outside light to enter our house and if the windows in turn are murky or dirty then the amount of light entering our premises will lessen which can make our interiors look dark and grim and moreover it will make a bad impression on the minds of the people who are looking at our building from the outside.

Health benefits Of Cleaned windows

Whether it’s your home or office squeaky cleaned windows won’t just make your place look more attractive but also has some health benefits for you and your family.

Some of the health benefits of Regular window cleaning

Reduction in Allergies Episodes

There will be people who are allergic to things like dust, hair, skin pollen, dander etc. the next time you are near your windows just brush through the surface with your hand you can observe a speck of dust which is actually a combination of all the allergens we have mentioned earlier.

When people who are allergic to such substances are exposed to such items it can trigger violent allergic responses on them which can last for sometimes which in turn can reduce their productivity and be harmful to their general health. You can reduce such violent allergic triggers on your loved ones or your colleagues by seeking professional help to clean your windows next time.

Spider control

Windows are favorite spots of spiders belonging to the Sac and jumping variety because of the relative ease with which they can hide and conceal themselves and catch their preys at the same time, on the long run your building will become a safe haven for spiders and you and your loved ones increases the chances of becoming victims of spider bites.

spider web on old uncleaned window in dubaiSo next time you spot some cobwebs call in your local windows cleaning people to get rid of them.

Molds and Windows

Molds loves a warm face and therefore, our windows are the ideal place where molds can grow with minimum interference, some of the molds are easy to spot there will be black or brown spots on the window’s however, some of the molds are almost undetectable to the naked eye.

These molds in addition to reducing the charm of your building can also make allergies worse, trigger other dangerous respirator deceases.

Frequently Used Products for Windows Cleaning

We are going to discuss some of the products used for windows cleaning their benefits

Glass cleaners

we can’t begin a list of products about glass cleaning products without mentioning about glass cleaners  is a formulated liquid that can cut through dirt, grime and smudges and give  the squeaky  clean surfaces that we all desire.

The right cleaner can make your windows sparkle and add charm to your buildings therefore, the next time you are in the market to get for getting windows cleaners look for a branded one as cheap cleaning solutions can leave smudges on your windows.

Bristled brush for windows

To clean your windows properly you need a good brush, a good brush is the one which you can hold comfortably and will last for a long time and also go for a soft brush and not the hard variant as the latter can sometimes create smudges or even scratches on your windows therefore go for the soft variant which can remove all the debris and dirt in the window surface.

Strip Applicator

The strip applicator is a tool which allows you to apply as well as remove water from a windows surface, the applicator allows you to clean a specific spot with water instead of applying water to the entire surface when you are in the market for a strip applicator look for one which is sturdy and has an option to switch to nylon scrubbing pad to remove difficult substances.

Long handle brush with horse attached

As the name suggest this is deadly combination of a long brush and a hose pipe, with the long brush you can reach spots which you cannot normally reach with a regular brush and you have the additional option of spraying in water and soap solution which will allow you to fully remove any kind of dirt attached to your windows.

Magnetic cloth aids

It is difficult to clean windows on higher floors without a ladder or a telescopic pole therefore, next time when you want to clean your windows instead of putting yourself in harms ways you can go for a magnetic tool aid to which you can attach your micro fiber cloth, this tool allows you to clean both sides of window at the same time as it has the option of attaching micro cloths to the 2 sides of the magnet.

Robot cleaner

Thanks to the advancements in technology nowadays you can clean your windows even without lifting a finger it allows you to select the cleaning path and has powerful suction capabilities which will allow it to stick to surfaces. Robot window cleaners are a great option if you want to clean large paned glasses however; one of the disadvantages with this product is that it can’t climb hard slopes as its motor doesn’t have the required power.

Telescopic pole

The telescopic pole is a tool which helps you reach windows on the top floors it is a good substitute for people who are afraid of heights as it allows them to clean hard to reach places without the assistance of ladder. So when you are in the market for a telescopic pole look for one which is not just sturdy and durable however, one made of a lighter material as heavy ones can exert pressure on your shoulders.


A ladder is the tool which makes the task of cleaning the windows easier however, there are things to consider when you are about to buy a ladder for cleaning purpose we have listed out some of them.

  • Choose a ladder that allows you to reach the spots without too much stretching.
  • Choose a ladder which is light weight therefore, you can carry around it easily.
  • Most importantly look for a ladder having a sturdy platform at the top allowing you to stand and clean the windows easily without worrying about the risk of falling down.

How to clean windows effectively

Well window cleaning is not a herculean task however, it can appear both frustrating and a challenging if you are not doing properly here we are listing in some methods to effectively and easily clean your windows.

  • Start from the top – Guess when it comes to cleaning windows the top down approach Is better than the bottom up approach, the thing is that when you are cleaning the windows from the top down thanks to gravity the cleaning solution will drip down thereby reaching the areas we haven’t applied it allowing you to smoothly and easily clean your windows.
  • Wash them on a cloudy day – When we are cleaning the window on a cloudy day the sunlight can prematurely dry the cleaning solution leaving residues and streaks on the glass surface whereas on a cloudy day the cleaning solution will remain until you wipe it doing therefore, will give you the sparkling glasses you always wanted.
  • Squeegee – Maybe one tool can actually make the difference after all, usually we try to clean the glasses with a cloth and we won’t be able to clean the entire surface in one go going for the second stroke will leave smudges on the glass however, with a long handles squeegee you can clean any section of the glass surface without leaving any smudges or steaks.
  • Newspapers – newspapers are not just store houses of knowledge however; also a good replacement to a cleaning cloth or towel, the newspapers will help you clean the surface smoothly without any steaks or smudges. The only thing which you need to do if you were to use a newspaper print for cleaning make sure you are wearing gloves because there is a chance of newsprint getting imprinted in your hand.
  • Homemade window cleaners – The choice to use your own home made window cleaner is a good one both economically and health wise, you can create your personal brand of glass cleaner by mixing 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of water and 1 tbsp of vinegar .By mixing together iso propyl alcohol and vinegar will allow you to make easily evaporating glass cleaner that can rival the product of any commercial companies.

Why it’s better to call the window cleaning services to clean windows for you sometimes

There is nothing bad in trying to clean the windows of your home by yourselves however, when it comes to reaching hard to reach places or your offices for that matter it’s better to call in the pros to the job for you. When we can clean windows where we can reach out  to them without performing any strange yogic or acrobatic poses it’s no problem however, when we have to make strange yogic poses that can even baffle a yoga master it’s time to call in the pros.

rofessional-window-cleaner-in-dubaiFor people having fear of heights or those who find it hard to balance in a ladder must call in window cleaning service to have your windows cleaned