Everybody is busy with their current lifestyle due to their busy working schedule. At the same time, it is important to clean our home and keep it hygienic, to get rid of various sicknesses. There are various things that we need to clean in our house like dusting furniture, washing the floor, scrubbing, sweeping, etc. it is our responsibility to keep our house neat always. The house cleaning will be simpler when you have certain tools or equipment at your house. If you are searching for the best house cleaning service in Dubai then you can book the schedule with Offermaids the leading cleaning service in Dubai.

Here are some house cleaning tools that you should have at your home:

Microfiber cloth:

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One of the best cleaning cloth that you should have. The microfiber is made up of nylon, polyester. It has become the top choice for household cleaning as it cleans the dust without leaving the dust flow in the air. One of the best things about the cloth is that it does not leave any scratches or stains while cleaning. Microfiber cloth has multilple purpose like to clean the kitchen counterpart, bathroom tub, sink, shower, glass, mirror, etc.

Scrubbing brush:

Sometimes it is hard to clean with the cloth and sponge due to the tough stains. At that time the scrubbing brush is used as it becomes easy to remove the stain. A scrubbing brush is used to clean the bathtub, shower, tiles, sink, etc. You can book the best house cleaning service in Dubai from Offermaids.


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Cleaning will be more fun if you have the right tool when the need arises. A great tool for removing water from the window after washing or sweeping water from the wet deck. A very handy tool that will help you and make your work easier.

Spray bottle:

A spray bottle has various purpose while cleaning the house. You can use it to store the cleaner that you have made, apart from that it has various use in your house. 

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The duster is made with artificial feathers or soft cotton molded on a stick. It is used to clean dust from the various surface. There are different types of dusters like ceiling fan duster, microfiber duster, static duster, feather duster, etc. You can book the house cleaning service in Dubai from Offermaids.

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The Broom, Mop & Dustpan

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Broom is a common house cleaning tool in every house. You can clean any surface with a broom; there are various kinds of brooms for indoor and outdoor cleaning. It is a very cost-effective, flexible tool, and can reach out to any parts to clean the dust. Book the house cleaning service in Dubai here.

The mop has made our task easier, earlier we used to clean the floor with our hands but the mop has made the work simpler. A long stick which is attached with a piece of yarn or cloth at the other side. There are different types of mops for house cleaning like a dry mop, sponge mop, spring mop, etc.

The main purpose of dustpan is to collect the dirt and dust accumulated with the help of a broom. Dustpan comes in different shapes and sizes and is a very handy and essential tool that you should have in your house.

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