Prepare for a self quarantine from coronavirus, fight along with cleaning companies in Dubai

To break the chain of the wide spreading coronavirus outbreak, health experts have recommended self quarantine. Self separating to avoid spreading of the virus from person to person through touch or via respiratory fluids. The virus has affected many countries and still it is spreading. Medical experts and scientists are collectively working to develop a vaccine against the virus. The best way to endorse now is to stop the spread of the virus, you have to make sure that you keep at least a 6 feet distance from people, social distancing, an effective method to stop all the chances of the virus being spread. Cleaning companies in Dubai are trained to face the pandemic spread and to take preventive measures to avoid the spread of the virusSo let us all fight together against the virus outbreak.

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What is Quarantine?

According to medical terms, a quarantine is a strict isolation by preventing interaction with the public to reduce the spread of an infectious or contagious disease. A self quarantine is a self separation from your friends, colleagues and family members to prevent them from spreading a disease in case you are infected. Seek immediate medical assistance if your sickness is getting worse but make sure you avoid public transport.

Why do we need quarantine?

Considering the novel coronavirus outbreak, quarantine can be done mainly to avoid two situations.

  • If you think you’ve any of the below reasons, then a self quarantine is strongly recommended.
  1. Think if you are affected by the virus.
  2. If you have symptoms like fever,cough, shortness of breath or if you’re sick .
  3. If you think you’re exposed to a high risk zone or a strange crowd.
  • You’re not affected, to avoid getting affected by the virus, being in home quarantine is a preventive measure.

Here are a few must do things that help to prepare yourself for a quarantine period.

Separate your things from others

Separate you things like your soap, toothbrush, paste, personal belongings from others. Make sure none of your belongings are shared with family members. If you are affected, always make sure that you’re using a face mask when going to common areas like the kitchen or bathroom or when there is a chance for meeting others. Make sure you wash your hands often. The best practice when you wash your hand is to use a soap or a hand sanitizer for 20 to 30 seconds. Make sure you cover all the areas like your palm, nails, fingers, between fingers, back of hand and wrist.

Stock up essentials

Another important thing to do when you’re going in for self quarantine is to stock up your essentials like medicines, napkins, tissues, enough food supply like canned soups, pet food and water. Make sure that you won’t go out of stock in your quarantine period. This prevents you from going out and reduces the chance for virus spread. Make sure you stock up items at least for a month.

Prepare your Pets

You’ve to stock enough food, water and medications for your pets. Luckily there is no such evidence that proves the spread of coronavirus between humans and animals, still we need to prepare in case of any emergencies. Always make sure you wear a face mask while you interact with your pets. We know that pets are routine based and they need to take for walking and playing. In case you are quarantined, you can take the help of other family members to take your pet for a walk. Also you can seek help from someone from your family or friends to take care of your pets while you are in quarantine period.

Taking care of mental health

The current scenario of the coronavirus outbreak has created a lot of panic, fear and anxiety among people. The stressful situation can badly affect mental health. This can affect our sleep patterns and food habits, which is definitely not a good thing. We need to be mentally healthy and strong to battle against the spread of coronavirus. Helping others along with helping yourself is the best way to get engaged. This can lessen down your stress. Take extra care for people with prior mental conditions. They have to continue with their exciting medication. Practicing meditation can be a great stress relief. Balanced diet and doing exercise is also beneficial for mental as well as physical health. You can listen to some music, watch some films or read some books.

Cleaning Tips 

Cleaning will make your home or rooms dirt free but to kill the virus, it is essential to use chemicals to kill the virus thus stopping the spread of the virus. You can use disinfectants, even soap and water to kill the virus from any surface and stop the spread. Surfaces where there is a chance for frequent touch needed to be disinfected within fixed intervals. Personal hygiene is equally important with environmental hygiene. Close your mouth and nose with a towel when you cough or sneeze to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the form of respiratory fluids. You can rely on cleaning companies in Dubai for a deep clean session which helps to disinfect your home. Make sure that they take enough safety precautions while cleaning.

cleaning companies in Dubai

Offer maids house cleaning Dubai, one of the home cleaners in Dubai is highly committed to provide hygienic services to the clients considering the importance to avoid the spread of coronavirus in the present situation. We are working towards providing a healthy and hygienic atmosphere to our valuable customers as well as our maids in Dubai. We are one of the best cleaning companies in Dubai to provide hourly cleaning and pet care services in Dubai. Our maids are trained to face the pandemic spread and to take preventive measures to avoid the spread of the virus by using all the protective equipment like hand glouse, face masks and hand sanitisers. Let’s battle against the coronavirus outbreak together and break the spread of COVID-19, by adopting healthy habits.