How to Iron your shirt Like a Pro

What is ironing?

Ironing refers to the process where we will be using a heated material like an iron to remove the wrinkles from our cloths, depending on the material of the cloth the amount of heat applied to the metal may vary.

shirt ironing on the top of table using iron boxWhat happens to your cloth during ironing?

Inside our cloths at a molecular level there are long chair polymer molecules as the molecules are heated the fibers will get straightened by the weight of the iron and the cloths will retain their new shape when the fiber cools down.

In olden times we used to have a separate day in a week just for lauding and with the coming of the poly-ether cloths we began to avoid the part where we iron the cloths as poly ether cloths won’t have any folds or creases on them even after we wash, iron and dry them.

However, with the reintroduction of natural fabrics into the mainstream society the habit of ironing our cloths have once again become popular.

In the present day both men and women alike want to be seen adorned in  neatly ironed silk attires however, the problem is most of us are either too lazy to iron our own cloths or don’t know how.

Ironing your cloths is not rocket science and it doesn’t consume too much of your time and it’s something that can be fitted to your schedule with a little planning and time management.

If you want to iron your won cloths you will need to need to have some things beforehand like ironing board and iron box.

Instructions on how to iron your cloths

In olden times we use traditional ironing boards which made a creaking and squeaking sound when we are ironing which after some time will start to irritate us. Nowadays most of the households are using fold able in-wall ironing board.

With fold able in-wall ironing boards we can fold them after their use they won’t consume too much of our space.The latest models comes with a built in electrical socket with a timer  therefore, after a certain time the iron box will be powered down automatically thereby preventing the event of a fire hazard. The ironing boards used by some house cleaning services in Dubai are of this variant.

Most of the professional cleaners in Dubai will be spraying your cloths with water to dampen them.This process is done by the personals of cleaning companies In Dubai to remove the folds and crevices in the dress.

The newer models of iron boxes like the ones used by professional maids in Dubai comes in with either a built in steam feature or built in water spray features.Make note that the water to be used in the iron box should be of distilled variety otherwise hard water will accumulate and damage the device.

Don’t forget the sleeves and cuffs-Have you ever seen a home cleaner in Dubai iron a shirt, if you haven’t it’s something enchanting.

  • First of all they will remove all the buttons, after removing the buttons they will apply the iron around the buttons and not over them.
  • Next they will line up the lower part of the seam and move the iron over the region to remove the folds and the crevices in the cloth.
  • Now fold up the short and repeat the same procedure for the opposite side also and voila you have a neatly ironed shirt to wear to the next party.
  • Iron the Yolk-Do you know what’s a yolk of a shirt, it’s the top part of the shoulder region of the shirt which from the back looks like a triangle.

Because the yolk part’s importance the personals from cleaning companies in Dubai will give extra care when ironing this part of the cloth they will move the sleeve of the shirt to the narrow part of the board and press them and will again repeat  for the other side too.

How to deal with the collar

Pop open the collar and then iron the underside and iron from one collar tip to the other end and now do the same thing with top portion of the collar also.

Great care should be given while making dealing with the collar as that’s part of a guy’s shirt that stands out like a crown.So if there are any folds or cracks on the collar it can reduce the shirt’s overall appeal of the dress.

Well done…

Now keep the shirt lying open on the ironing board and remove the wrinkles on the backside now you can either wear the shirt or hang it up and use later.