Ironing Tips and Hacks from Offermaids

Some people love to do ironing but some don’t. We need to take proper care when ironing because some clothes require less temperature than others. There are certain hacks that if you follow that will help you out to make your work easy. Apart from that if you are searching for the best laundry and ironing service in Dubai then you can choose one of the top cleaning services in Dubai Offermaids.

ironing tips and hacks

Here are some ironing hacks from Offermaids:

Inside out ironing:

It is always a better practice to wash the cloth inside out and dry it in the same manner under the sun because the inside out drying will prevent the cloth from fading under the sun. Similarly, it’s important to iron the clothes inside out because there may be some logos that will get burnt when ironing.

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Use Fabric Softener:

Apart from making the cloth soft and smell great, the fabric softener plays an important role as it removes the number of wrinkles when you wash the cloth next time. If you are searching for a laundry and ironing service in Dubai then click here.

Hang the clothes:

It is very important to hang the cloth after ironing so as not to waste the time that you have spent on ironing. You either need to hang the cloth on the hanger or fold the cloth on a smooth surface to prevent the crease on the clothes. Book for the best laundry and ironing service in Dubai.

Iron in a bright room:

When you iron a room with dim light then you will not be able to see the clothes crease and wrinkles properly and as a result, your work will be a waste. Use the bright room with the proper ironing board and thus make your work simple, easy, and effective.

Use Aluminum Foil:

One of the most simple and effective ironing hacks that will help you make your work simpler than ever. For that you need to line the ironing board with aluminum foil, aluminum is a good conductor of heat so when you iron the cloth on one side the heat from the foil will automatically iron the other side of the cloth as the iron passes by, so you don’t need to waste the time ironing another side. Hire the laundry and ironing service in Dubai from Offermaids.

Iron around sequin and glitter:

We always avoid the area with a button or decorative items, but if this part requires ironing then just need to iron it inside out at a very low temperature. Check out different types of covid-19 tests that you should know.

Use Dryer:

When the cloth has a less amount of wrinkles then you can use a dryer and skip ironing, all you need to do is to dampen the cloth with water by spraying it on the cloth. Then use the dryer because the heat of the dryer will cause will turn on the steam on the clothes and wrinkles will fade away.

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