Marble surfaces cleaning tips


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Marble adds a classy look to whatever room or surfaces it is a part of, more so than linoleum or hardwood. As magnificent as it is, marble is a natural stone material that requires care and maintenance to keep it shining, in order to preserve its beauty and integrity. But this care is not so difficult as to hire specialized hourly maids in Dubai: Most marble abrasions can usually be taken care of through proper maintenance and some simple home remedies. 

Cleaning marble gives people a lot of anxiety, and they usually end up using the wrong kind of cleaner, leaving lasting marks on the delicate surface of the marble. Always remember that marble is no less impervious to damage and corrosion than any other material and that the more effort you put into taking care of it would rescind the need to spend more on maid companies in Dubai.

marble cleaning

Maintenance is key to preservation:

Marble surfaces are so opulent that they are not often covered in carpets or surface padding. The best way to take care of marble surfaces is to treat it like a ceramic piece. Constant cleaning, using warm water and simple dish soap solution is enough to prevent any corrosive elements from leaching into the marble surface. This would prevent deep stains from developing under the surface, which would then require the assistance of professional house cleaning services in Dubai . 

Cleaning tips:

For a start, never let water stay on the surface too long. Mineral sediments in the water seep into the fine cracks in the marble surface, leaving deep stains when the water evaporates. Mop up any spills and dry the area using a soft cloth. 

Unlike a carpeted floor, vacuuming tends to damage a marble floor more easily as it essentially allows dust particles to grind into the soft surface. Use a soft dust mop to clean dry floors and a chamois or microfiber cloth for counter tops and bathroom fixtures. 

When wet-cleaning floors and other surfaces, use plenty of water to wash away any dirt before using a sponge or microfiber material to gently wash the surface. This can also be used to remove soap scum in bathroom fixtures and floors.

Protection tips:

Place a welcome mat at the entrance of your home to reduce dirt and grime from being dragged onto the marble floor. Heavy furniture must be fitted with furniture cups, preferably made of soft materials like felt or latex-based materials to prevent abrasions. Attach felt pads under counter top appliances in the kitchen. Also, remember to use coasters when using metal containers, or switch to glass or porcelain containers to prevent rusting. Never use the marble counter top in place of a cutting board, as knives can leave deep imprints requiring professional maids services.

Taking care of those awful stains:

Spills are inevitable and sometimes they leave stains. The first step is identifying the source of the stain – organic, biological, or oil-based stains require almost little effort to clean up. Harsher stains could be caused by chemical reactions with the calcareous material of marble, leaving etch marks. It is to guard against such reactions that we need to avoid household cleaning agents that contain acidic elements. Alkaline solutions up to 10 pH can be used as well. Frequent use of ammonia or bleach solutions can dull the surface, so make sure to use those as little as possible for cleaning.

marble cleaning

Stain-removing poultices are a handy solution to most kinds of stains, except harsh chemical stains. Make a paste of baking soda and water and shred a couple of paper towels to make it less watery. Spread this poultice mix on the stained area evenly, using a spatula. Cover the poultice with a plastic sheet and tape the edges to the floor with tape to seal the area. Allow it to dry for about 24 hours. The drying process allows the poultice to absorb the stain from the floor. Remove the plastic sheet and allow the poultice to dry for another 24 hours in the open. Next, wash the poultice with distilled water to loosen it, then use a scraper to gently remove it from the surface. Rinse the floor with a mild soap solution and wipe it with a squeegee or soft cloth. Simple stains usually disappear after two or three applications of the poultice. 

Oh no, it’s scratched:

You accidentally knock over the paperweight on your table and it slides on the floor, leaving a very visible streak in its wake. Now before you give up and look up office cleaning services in Dubai, get your handyman gloves on and get ready to solve this little problem before lunch break. Powder some chalk into fine talc and sprinkle it on the damaged area. Use a microfiber cloth or chamois pad to rub the powder into the surface in a circular manner. Continue doing so until the scratch disappears. Wipe the residue with a soft, damp cloth to restore the shine to the marble surface. 

If the etching has not extended beyond the surface, this method would help restore the original polished appearance of the marble surface. However, any scratch or etching that is deeper than the surface would require the service of professional cleaning companies in Dubai.

Bring a shine to your marble surfaces:

When you are at your wit’s end on those tough, not-so-easily-cleanable stains and etchings, finding an all-round cleaning company in Dubai is your best option to plan ahead for any eventuality of stained marble surface at home or office. You don’t need to look very far to find the best maids services in Dubai in your busy shuttle between home and work. 

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