Pro Tips To Remove Rust Stains According To Maids In Dubai

Pro Tips To Remove Rust Stains According To Maids In Dubai

Rust stains, whether they are on our clothes, tiles or any surfaces, they are the most annoying things ever. We do a lot of things to remove it but sometimes none will work. It is important to clean them as quickly as you recognize it. The longer these stains are, the harder it is to remove them. Do you know that your kitchen has the best ingredients to easily remove rust stains from any surfaces.? Here are few pro tips from expert maids in Dubai to remove rust stains from any surfaces. – clothes, tiles, steels, marbles, metals and more. 

Remove rust stains from your clothes

Here are some of the natural solutions to remove rust stains from your favorite clothes.

Lemon Juice

We all know that lemon can be the best solution for a lot of cleaning problems. For removing rust stains from your clothes, lemon can really help. Boil some water and add a teaspoon of lemon juice to  a teaspoon of boiling water and apply the solution to the stained area in the clothes and let it sit for some time. Rinse it off giving a gentle rub. Repeat if necessary to get rid of all the rust particles on the cloth.


Sprinkle some salt on the lemon solution applied on your cloth and gently rub. Do not hard rub as this may damage your cloth. Make sure that you don’t keep this mix to sit for a longer time as it damages the cloth. Keep it for a few minutes and rise it off. Wash the cloth thoroughly with cold water to remove any salt particles on the cloth.

Use commercial rust stain removers for clothes

There are a lot of commercially available rust remover products that keep the clothes stain free. You can simply apply them on the stained area and use a mild  scrubbing brush or an old toothbrush to give a scrub to the stained portion, and rinse it off after some time. Some products recommend the clothes to be wet down before the application and other demands a dry application. These rust stain removers work efficiently and remove stains completely with few uses. Wash the clothes with cold water after the application.

No more rust stains on metal objects

With these natural ingredients, it is easier to eliminate all the rust stains from your metal surfaces, tools or any objects.

Baking Soda

Baking soda works amazingly to remove rust particles from metal surfaces. You can use baking soda to remove rust stains from your metal tools. Clean and rinse your metal tools or pans and dry them well before the application. Cover all the rust stains with baking soda or you can keep them damp and dust some baking soda so that they will stick on those surfaces easily. Let this sit for 2 hours. You can use a scouring pad or a metal brush to scour it off. Once done, rinse it again with normal water and keep them dry.

White Vinegar

Like baking soda, white vinegar can fight well against rust stains on metal surfaces. Keep your metal tools deluged in white vinegar for a night. Scour it using a scouring pad or scouring wool. The longer you keep it in vinegar, the better the result is. This is an amazing way to remove rust off metal objects. If you are not able to submerge the object in vinegar, instead you can pour vinegar into the stained areas and keep it overnight for a better result.


Do you know that potato contains an enzyme called catecholase which helps to clear an and brightens. You can apply potato juice to clear dark spots on your skin. The same way if you rub potato on the rusted surface on your steel objects and add some liquid soap or dishwashing soap to the surface and rub firmly. Both of it will react and this inturn make the objects rust free. 

Keep your tiles rust free

Clear away rust stains from the tiles using these kitchen items. 

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Make sure that you wear protective gloves before you start the application. Mix some borax with a teaspoon of lemon juice and make it into a paste. Apply this paste onto the stained surface and leave it until it completely dried out. Once done, you can use a wet cloth or a wet sponge to remove the stains. Repeat this process if needed.


Tomato is not only good for cooking, it can also be used for removing rust stains from your tile floorings. The citric and malic acids present in tomatoes help to remove rust stains of cylinders from tiles. Cut the tomato into half and sprinkle some rock salt into it and rub it over the stain for some time. You can use a scrubber or an old toothbrush to give a nice scrub over the stain and this will remove the stains completely.

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