Top 4 Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

After getting a pet dog or when you even think of getting a furry companion, the first thing we all will do is checking the internet. You’ll get a lot of useful(and useless too!) information about taking care of your newbie.

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Though there can be a lot of informative articles, it can also confuse and mislead you with falsies.  

While treats and fancy toys are not the only responsibilities of a pet owner, your four-legged friend deserves a lot of love and good nutrition.

If you are getting a puppy for the first time or you have other dogs at home, here are the top 10 tips every dog owner should know.

  1. They are dogs, not human beings

It is one of the greatest misconceptions most dog parents assume.

Just because they exhibit many human behavioral patterns, we assume they communicate the way we humans do. It’s not right!

If you need your furry friend to enact the same way you want them to be, the only way you could achieve it is by training them effectively.

Training and grooming are highly important. It’s better to start training on the initial days itself. If you keep things adhere to a routine, your dog will automatically start following it even in your absence.

2. Avoid Sharing Human Stuff

Whether it can be human food or your accessories like your bed – avoid sharing them with your pets.

Dog’s digestive system is intolerant to certain things we humans include in our diet. Sugar, salt, cow milk – all of these can harm your dog.

 Make sure you feed them canine food. If you allow your doggy to sleep with you on your bed, he climbs to your bed in your absence.

Designate a bed for your little friend so that he can climb on it whenever he wants to take a nap without causing any pet accidents.

3. Pet-Proof Your Home

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Another important aspect is to consider pet-proofing your home.

Dogs love wires and chords. They can destroy your cables by chewing or playing with them.

Also, make sure your dog cannot get a hold of anything that can harm them or you.

Keep indoor plants especially poisonous plants away to avoid them chewing or eating them.

Some household items and sharp objects can cause potential threats to your pet’s health so make sure you keep them far from your pet’s reach.

4. Take care of your pet’s health

Your dog’s health is very important.

Regularly consult a vet to monitor your dog’s health.

This will ensure a healthy and happy dog. It is also important to regularly exercise your companion to keep your bundle of joy fit and healthy.

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