Essential Deep Cleaning Checklist Before Baby Arrives

“The amazing thing about becoming a parent is that you will never again be your own first priority.”      –  Olivia Wilde, Actress, Activist

Hello soon to be moms and soon to be dads, many congratulations on your new bundle of joy. Getting prepared to welcome a baby seems amazing, right? You may have a zillion things on your to do list to be arranged to welcome your little prince or princess – Arranging the room, stocking up things for the baby, busy reading books about parenting or simply relish the feeling of being a parent.

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A must do thing to do before your newborn arrives your home is to prepare a safe and clean house for the baby. Deep cleaning the house is a requisite as newborns are very sensitive. Make your home dust and dirt free by a deep cleaning process. Do the most basic cleaning routines such as clearing the clutter, and organizing the rooms. Clean all the toys,carpets and clothings. Never miss out cleaning those air ducts. Wooden floors and tiles needed to be moped.

  • Cleaning starts from the kitchen 

Creating and implementing a kitchen cleaning routine is essential as kitchen cleaning is sometimes the hardest part, when it comes to cleaning. Clear the desk and start by washing small appliances and vessels. You can run a solution of vinegar and water through coffee pots to clean them. Now wipe out and  clean your fridge, oven, kitchen cabinets and dishwasher to make it germ-free. Windows, window frames and blinds needed extra care in cleaning as a lot of dust will get deposited in the corners, underneath the blinds and hence considerate them.

Scrub off the kitchen cabinet doors, counter tops and baseboards. You can use a mild dishwashing liquid for this purpose. Don’t forget to vacuum kitchen walls, outside and down the fridge. Garbage disposal area and the sink needed to be cleaned. Organize the kitchen cabinets clutter free and this will help you to easily find things. Hindmost, wash your kitchen curtains and mop the kitchen flooring, thus disinfecting the kitchen. 

  • Disinfecting the bathrooms

A clean bathroom is essential because moisture in the bathroom grows bacteria and mold deposit. Dirt and grime accumulation will be too difficult to clean. Change your shower curtain liner and wash those dirty rugs. Vacuum the walls for any cobwebs and scrub the toilet down to base, and finally scrub the sink, wipe the mirror and wash the shower head. Organizing  the cabinets and mop the bathroom floor is a must do. 

  • Revamp your laundry room

You need to give a nice wipe to the shelves in your laundry room, organize it and clean your washing machine. Never forget to seek expert advice when cleaning up your electronic equipment. The washing machine manual may have instructions for cleaning up. Vacuum your laundry room and mop it for a double cleaning. Washer, dryer and dryer house needed to be wiped and cleaned thoroughly. 

  • Checklist for your dining room cleaning

Windows and glass doors needed to be washed to make it dust and dirt free. Vacuum  and wipe the door tracks. Clean all the tables and chairs in the dining area. Make sure that all the glasses and bowls are clean. If you are a pet owner, ensure that their pet bowls and toys are cleaned out. Clean your pet’s area. Deep clean your carpets and curtains and make sure that you clear all the cobwebs in the corner of the walls and mop the floor of your dining room.

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  • Transform your living area

When it comes to the living room, all the furniture needs to be vacuumed for any dust particles, dirts or cobwebs. Windows and doors needed to be wiped along with dust freeing the ceiling fan. Be gentle in cleaning the paintings as they may get destroyed while cleaning. Do not use any  harsh chemicals as it is not good for you as well as your baby. Clean your sofa, couch cushions, blankets, pillows, dog beds and carpets by getting assistance from a professional cleaning service as they are experts in deep cleaning.  

  • Clean your bedroom thoroughly and efficiently

Wash the bedding, pillows, curtains and the blankets and also declutter the dressers and dressing tables. Vacuum all the corners for any dust. Flip the mattress and never forget to mop the floor and wipe the windows.

Never forget to do these steps before your bundle of joy arrives home.

  • Wash all the new baby clothes you bought before using them as some clothing contains chemicals such as formaldehyde and is dangerous for the baby.
  • Make sure to disinfect and dust free your home,as newborns are very much sensitive to wool and dust particles.
  • Remove every pickable stuff from the floor to avoid choking hazards.
  • Wash the new play mats and baby beddings. 
  • There are professional home cleaners  in Dubai who can reduce your workload and help you with deep cleaning. 
  • Vacuuming is a must and get all your carpets cleaned.
  • Clean the switches and vents.
  • Wipe down the lights, doors and door handles. 

Benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service for a deep cleaning

When a baby arrives home, your chance for cleaning will be minimal.  Hiring a professional cleaning service creates a hygienic and germ-free situation for you to bring your baby home. You will be tired, mentally and physically tired when you get pregnant and hiring a house cleaning service Dubai can reduce your workload. You don’t even have to be worried about bringing your baby to a cluttered atmosphere. They deep clean each and every corner of your home,hence, make it ideal for your little one. 

Finding the top cleaning company in Dubai

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