How can we clear out allergens through cleaning ? 

When you have or persons you live with and/or work with have allergies you need to be extra careful while cleaning . Because a small dust particle may trigger out persons with allergies. 

Here we are discussing some tips in cleaning to minimize the allergy attack on both work and home .  Also individual cleaning methods and products you should use while cleaning to reduce allergies. 

Vacuum With a HEPA Filter Vacuum
All of us use a broom to dust or clean our home/ office on a daily cleaning task. If you want to do more perfectly , you should invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter . HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air .  HEPA is differ from normal vacuum cleaners . They can remove almost any airborne dust particles with size of .3 microns including pollen, mould, dander .
For an effortless and bagless vacuum you can use robotic vacuum cleaners also . Robotic vacuum cleaners that can clean regular intervals are more effective than any other vacuum cleaner . It never gives a chance to build-up dust and any other allergens. 
 If you have a heavy draped or fabric covered wall then a multipurpose vacuum that you can use to remove allergens and dust particles from these soft surfaces.

Steam cleaning
Steam cleaning is also an effective way of removing allergens and dust particles . 
Sometimes if the stains and spills become more stubborn and if we feel difficult to remove we are forced to use stronger and concentrated cleaning products . These chemicals will trigger out allergens and it is not good for our nature also.
In this scenario you can try steam cleaning instead of using harsh chemicals.  This process can be done by little moisture and heat instead of chemicals to sanitize and deodorize. Steam cleaning is a process done through extremely high temperatures. That can kill a variety of germs and viruses. So you don’t want to worry about diseases. 
For steam cleaning it’s better to hire a Cleaning Companies In Dubai because they have the equipment for steam cleaning . There are smaller steam cleaning machines available in the market that you can also buy for our household cleaning activities. But it’s different with commercial cleaners. Because they ensure that the job gets done right the first time  .

Use microfiber cloths 
We all use our old rags or paper towels for cleaning or dusting , it’s time to switch to microfiber cloths and you can experience the difference . When you purchase microfiber cloth it’s better to buy more and designate one cloth per room or area to prevent contamination . Every corner of our home is different , for example kitchen cleaning  purposes we can’t use any other piece of cloth that we use in any other area . Microfiber cloths are affordable : they come in different designs and colors so it is easy to identify which cloth is used where. 

You can gradually replace your old mop, and long-handled daughters with microfiber . They are long lost with proper care and also more efficient than regular cloth .

Wash beddings with hot water

Usually most of us spend more time in our bedroom, so cleanliness of the bedroom should be our first priority . One of the major parts of house cleaning is bedroom cleaning . Because the chance of build-up of allergens is more there . Our bedsheet , pillowcase, pillow, cushions are some of the favorite lodging of microorganisms.  Wash your beddings at least once in every two weeks in hot water with a temperature of 54 degree or more to kill allergens and harmful germs that stick on to these soft surfaces. 

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