It is a common thing that your kitchen tiles will get greasy due to cooking. The kitchen is said to be the heart of the house.  The kitchen is the place where most of the time is spent than any other room.  We need to ensure that our kitchen is always neat, well maintained, and hygienic because it will directly affect our health.  It is very easy to be judged by the guest when they visit our home and enter the kitchen. If you want to have a clean and tidy kitchen and are looking for the best kitchen cleaning service in Dubai then you can book the service from OfferMaids.

Here are the simple hacks to clean kitchen tiles:

Use white vinegar:

clean kitchen

White vinegar is considered to be the best natural cleaning solution to clean kitchen tiles. Apart from being a great natural cleaning agent, white vinegar plays an important role to disinfect the wall and remove grease from the tiles so that there is no odor from the tiles. When we pour the concentrated vinegar on the wall it is good to remove the smoke stains and when used as a diluted one it is good for cleaning the tiles on a regular basis. If you are busy and want the kitchen to be clean then book the kitchen cleaning service in Dubai from OfferMaids.

Using Baking Soda:

Another great cleaning agent is baking soda. In order to clean the grease from the tiles, you need to sprinkle the baking soda on a scrubber and wipe the tiles.  After rubbing on the wall you need to clean the wall with a dry cloth. Rinse the cloth after every wipe to get sparkling and shiny tiles.

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Using Salt:

Salt is easily available in all kitchens and plays a great role as a cleaning agent. You simply need to sprinkle the salt over the oil stains on the wall and the salt will soak the grease easily. After that, you need to sprinkle vinegar on the wall and clean the kitchen wall using a cloth.

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Using vegetable oil:

Most of them do not be knowing that vegetable oil is used as a cleaning agent, it’s battling between oil and oil. We use vegetable oil for cooking purposes but that same oil can be used as a cleansing agent you just need to pour the oil on a towel and over and scrub the wall, and this will effectively clean the greasy wall. 

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