The spirit of FIFA and Labeeba’s same motivation for cleaning your premises



We all know that the FIFA 2022 WorldCup is about to start in Qatar and we are all very much excited about this event. It is going to be a magnificent one.

On November 20, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. GST, the opening game between Qatar and Ecuador will begin at Khalifa Stadium. Of the eight sites, Khalifa Stadium has the greatest capacity of 80,000 spectators. It is also rumored that Qatar even built a temporary stadium out of shipping containers for this event.

Performance during FIFA 2022 opening ceremonies

The performance during the FIFA event is going to be a great one with multiple stars and top bands performing during the opening ceremony from K-pop idol jungkook and brand ambassadors of FIFA  BTS 

Actress and Dancer Noora Fatehi, American musical group Black Eyed Peas, Columbian Singer J Balvin, Nigerian singer and songwriter Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie and American rapper Lil Baby.

Spirit of FIFA 2022 and Football :

Sportsmanship in football means having a positive attitude towards the game when you enter the field to give your best efforts to win the game while maintaining ethics in the game and by supporting and encouraging your teammates to perform the best and supporting your teammates to do best in their highs and lows.

Sports teach all of us to be resilient and work as a team in real life. We also care and have compassion for others and tactical thinking. Sports like football teach us to celebrate our success and learn from our failures even in real life.

And this FIFA 2022 world cup will definitely teach us a lot of things in our real life which will be very valuable for us.

People in Dubai are really excited about this FIFA as it will teach them a lot of valuable lessons,

Labeeba offermaids and her inspirational connection with FIFA 

Once there was a peaceful kingdom in a distant Arabic land the ruler of the country was very friendly and always thought about the development of the people. The people were very happy and lived peacefully and always praised the king for his goodness.

One day Qasin fayrws entered the country in disguise with his army and attacked the people and tried to bring down the country by killing the innocent. Everything was in total chaos they spread everywhere through the air everywhere was in great turmoil people were even scared to go out.

The king always was very much upset and had a person Labeeba meaning wise whom he treated like a daughter on seeing the king sad Labeeba felt that she needs to take things into her own hands she and her small team of intelligent people sat together and hatch a very clear plan on how to destroy the cruel Qasin.

It is said that when you strike the king you must kill him their plan was to kill Qasin the cruel virus and save their people for that they prepared a plan and a proper teamwork strategy for the execution they had to plan very carefully so that nothing fails 

Finally, the day arrived a tough standoff between Labeeba and her team and Qasin and his army after months of battling the evil Qasin they killed him and saved their people.

Their teamwork and positive mentality helped them to win the match and saved their country 

The message was loud and clear that if you stand together as a team you can defeat anything. and good always wins over evil. Their patience yielded the results.


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