According to an article which came on mental floss we are unable to detect the bad smell in our own house as we have grown accustomed to it. But sadly others can smell them that’s why it’s important  that you try to keep your odor free as much as possible. We can help you do that just follow these simple instructions we have listed below practices followed by professional cleaning maids across Dubai to deal with bad smells.

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Tips from cleaning maids in Dubai to identify sources of bad smell in your house

  • Identify the source of bad odor- According to Mumtaz, a cleaning maid in Dubai the very first step you should take in eliminating bad odor comes from identifying the source of bad smell in your house. It can be anything from your stash of dirty laundry to a watery mess created by a leaking pipe or it can be something else entirely.
  • Clean your dishwasher once in a while- If we don’t clean our dishwasher once in a while it will begin to stink, therefore our maids from Offer maids Dubai will clean the dishwashers of our customers regularly to prevent this from happening. Our cleaning maids will pour 2 cups of vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher and leave it undisturbed for 1 hour.
  • Use the exhaust after you use the stove- After we use the stove our kitchen will be filled with the odor of our food and depending on the food it can be pleasant or burn your eyes. Therefore, according to maids who handle house cleaning in Dubai you should use your exhaust fan after every time you use the stove for cooking something.
  • Do something about your bathroom odor- No matter what you do getting rid of your bathroom odor can be rather tough so either hire the services of a company that provides cleaning maid in Dubai like ours to clean your bathrooms once in every 2 weeks or use a bathroom freshener like Airwick, Air pur etc.
  • Do something about your cigar smell- Odor from your kitchen sink, dishwasher or even your bathrooms can be dealt with a little bit of effort from your side however, and smell coming from cigarette smoke are something else entirely.

All the other sources of bad smell will only result in a few raised eye brows from your peers or your family however with cigarettes they are carcinogenic and as a result, can be detrimental to your health.

And over a long time, it can dirty the paint of your walls and affect your health. The solution to this is to either drop the habit of smoking altogether or move your smoking outdoors.

  • Dealing with smelly carpets- Our carpets serve multiple roles within our houses they are part of the home decor, they can absorb unwanted sounds and even trap dust and harmful allergens in them which can be problem also.

The worst thing about carpets is that once they get stained it’s hard to clean them, in the event your carpet gets stained by something like your dog’s urine use a mixture used by maids of Offer maids in Dubai consisting of one part vinegar and 3 parts water and then rinse it.

  • You are supposed to clean your garbage cans once in a while– Garbage cans are where you stash everything from your food leftovers to basically anything you want to get rid of. What most of us tend to forget is that we are also supposed to clean our garbage cans once in a while otherwise they will stink up the place. Just follow a simple hack done by professional cleaning maids in Dubai. Drop a few chunks of oranges or lime into the disposal can after you wash it with cold water.
  • Deoxidize the fridge- Bad odor coming from your fridges are rather hard to deal with, just put an already opened box of baking soda in the fridge when you are doing this make sure you don’t keep it too close to vegetables as it can make them dry quickly. Cleaning maids in Dubai who perform deep cleaning follow this practice as it can absorb bad odors.

Now that you have identified the various sources of bad smell that plagues your house now we can show you how to use everyday household items like sheets, simmer pots etc. to ward of bad smell.

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Cleaning hacks from maids from Offer maids Dubai to get rid of bad odor

Dryer sheets- Your dryer sheets use is not just limited to laundry, it’s a common practice among cleaning maids in Dubai to place fresh dryer sheets inside cupboards, drawers, etc. as they bring fragrance to the rooms.

Vanilla extract- Vanilla extract is not just a good ingredient but also a natural freshener, dab a bit of vanilla extract on a small jar or container; it can give of a very aromatic and sweet smell. Most Cleaning maids in Dubai after they clean a room they will spray a room freshener with vanilla extract to fill the room with nice fragrance.

Simmer pots- The simmer pot is something we use normally in our house for cooking, if you are plagued with bad odor just pour some cinnamon and rose petals and add some water and simmer for a few minutes and you can just feel the aromatic fragrance emanating from the pot. It’s something that can make you feel nice and relaxed.

Candles– Nowadays candles come in different shapes, sizes and smell just buy few of them and light them in areas of your house which are filled with bad odor like bathrooms, dining halls, your pet’s room etc. Scented candles are commonly used by cleaning maids in Dubai to fill the rooms with good fragrance after they are cleaned.

Potpourri- Potpourri is a collection of dried petals and leaves that can fill a room with fragrance. It is a natural remedy used by your parents and their parents before them to get relief from bad smells. But nowadays potpourri is a regular sight in hotels, homes a trend that was popularized by the cleaning maid in Dubai.

smell free home

Essential oils- These are oils that can capture the essence of a plants fragrance, it’s the unique aromatic compounds that gives the plants its sweet smell. The things that you can do with essential oils are endless. Following in the footsteps of cleaning maids in Dubai you can add a few drops of essential oils on a cotton ball and place it on locations of your house that are prone to bad odors or add a few drops to the air filter or spray them on top your furniture’s, drawing room etc.

Fresh plants- If you think essential oils, potpourri are a bit expensive for your taste then why not place a few plants from your garden inside your house like Lavender, English ivy Spiders plant, Honeysuckle  etc. all these plants can bring about a good fragrance to your house.

Fabric softener- Don’t limit the use of your fabric softeners to just add stiffness to your dresses bring their magic inside your house also. The use of fabric softener to add fragrance to your rooms is something commonly done by cleaning maids in Dubai. Make a small solution by mixing 2 cups of fabric softener and water in a spray bottle and spray it all over your place and feel the fresh fragrance all around you.

Follow these simple steps and you will have a house removed of bad smells in no time. If you are preoccupied with other things make a call to Offer maids Dubai and book in our cleaning services our maids will come at your preferred time and rid your house of any trace of bad smells.