How to Identify the Best Local Cleaning Service in Dubai

There are many companies in Dubai who are into the cleaning business due to the support provided by the government and the huge availability of expatriate workers. These cleaning companies offer a range of services like house cleaning, office cleaning, kitchen cleaning, pet care, party cleaning, etc. mostly at affordable rates.

Since there are a number of cleaning companies in Dubai it’s difficult to choose the one who will get the job done for us..

Main qualities to look when we hire a cleaning service in Dubai

They should have the relevant experience

Like every other service, the experience is something which we need to consider when looking into hiring the services of a cleaning company in Dubai or any other place for the matter. By experience, we will have to consider whether they have the required expertise in providing the service which we are looking for and not their overall years of experience.

There are many cleaning companies in Dubai who are mostly jack of all trades and don’t have expertise in any one particular services. If you were to avail the services of such companies they won’t be able to match up to your requirements.

Provide specific services

Most of the modern cleaning companies in Dubai are giving additional training to their employees to serve the specific needs of their customers. There are many cleaning companies who are offering specific service like pet care, party cleaning, laundry services etc.

They should employ quality cleaners

Quality is something that we all need to consider whenever we are availing a service or a product. Just because a cleaning company in Dubai claims to have relevant experience in a particular field doesn’t mean they can deliver what they promise.

For us to get the satisfactory service which we were promised, the maids of the company should have the necessary set of skills to carry out the job with the expertise and quality that we are looking out for. Hire a cleaning service in Dubai that has a team of a well-trained and disciplined set of maids at their disposal can be tough. So go to their websites and social media profiles and see what types  of skill training they are providing to their maids.

Essential skills needed for a great maid

  • Communication skills– The city of Dubai is a global city it has people from all over the world each. Since communication plays a huge role in the daily activities of a maid, some maid companies in Dubai are providing soft skills training to their employees exposing them to various culture sensitivities and taboos to better cater to the needs of their customers.
  • Punctuality-Time is a very precious commodity, so it is very essential that the maids we hire should be punctual. They should arrive on time to get the job done with clock work precision.
  • Discipline-Discipline is a very essential quality to be possessed by a maid, once they arrive on the client’s location they should carry out their assigned tasks without any delays.                                  Therefore, before you hire a cleaning service in Dubai just go through their social media profiles and other online forums where they having a presence and listen to what their customers have to tell about them afterward make a decision.

They should adapt to the latest trends

A lot has changed over the years with that also changed the way a service is delivered to us and this change can be found in a number of service areas including the cleaning service industries also. Many cleaning companies in Dubai are equipping their maids with the latest products in the market. Spin mops, green cleaning, products, janitorial software are some of the latest products used by some of the most top house cleaning services in Dubai.

In the era of sustainable development, most maids in Dubai are using green cleaners provided to them by their employers; these are cleaning solution’s which don’t have any detrimental effect on the environment and on the people using them. Nowadays most of the maid companies in Dubai are equipping their personnel’s with spin bots these are motorized spinners with a mop attached to it. Earlier the maids had to drag a bucket load of water along with them from room to room.

Now with the spin bots, they don’t have to drag the bucket all around the house, the motorized spinners come with wheels and after the floors have cleaned the spinner attached to the spin bot will help you get rid of the water from the mop making their job a lot easier and efficient.

Websites And Apps

With changing times everything has changed not just the equipment’s used by the maids but, also the way they are being organized, assigned tasks and coordinated has also changed. The business of all forms nowadays will try to maintain their presence in the online world. Just like how a neatly built office can make a good impression in the real world and a well-designed website does the same thing.

Essential features a cleaning company website should have
  • A good cleaning company’s website should be descriptive, it should provide all relevant information to those who come to the site regarding the services provided by them.
  • Most online portals allow people to make online bookings.

Websites are great ways by which people can avail the services offered by a company. The problem with websites is that you need a laptop or smartphone to use it, what if you want to book a maid on the go from a remote location. The answer is a smartphone app. Since smartphones have become an essential part of our life and people carry with them everywhere they go some cleaning companies are even rolling out smartphone apps to better the user experience.

Advantages of a smartphone app
  • The main advantage provided a smartphone app over a website is that the ease at which people can book your services.
  • Since you carry the smartphone with you everywhere you can make your bookings on the go.

Online Profiles and Forums

In the age of social media, it is imperative for any business irrespective of its size and scale of operation to maintain a strong social media presence. The advantage provided by social media sites when compared to websites is they offer 2-way communication. in social media sites like FB, google+, etc.

Features of social media sites
  • In social media websites, customers can initiate conversations with the cleaning company representatives where they can get answers for their queries.
  • Through social media the customers can know about the latest services, offers provided by these cleaning companies.
Online forums
  • There are many online forums in which people can ask cleaning related questions and a representative from the cleaning company will answer them.

Now that you have been made aware of the various qualities you need to consider when looking into hiring a cleaning company in Dubai we are sure that you will make a very informed decision for more information you can reach us at.