Take a break from cleaning with smart cleaning gadgets

We are two decades into the 21st century, and technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Although we are no closer to flying cars as predicted a century ago, the world has been changed irrevocably by innovative gadgets. From refrigerators that preserve our food to weather-predicting computers, technology is part of our everyday lives.The cleaning industry has also embraced innovative gadgets to make cleaning a less tedious process for us. We talked to leading maids services in Dubai to get an idea of the latest smart cleaning gadgets that are trending right now.

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Read on to find which of these gadgets you need to get for your home or office.

Your very own robot cleaner

This could very well be the greatest invention in the cleaning industry since the broom. Let the robots do the cleaning work around the home while you relax. The latest robot cleaners can clean a variety of floor surfaces, navigate around obstacles and can be programmed to respond to your commands using Alexa or Siri or Google Assistant.

The spinning side brushes along its sides agitate dust particles and a strong vacuum attached to the front of the cleaner pulls dust from the surface of the floor. These cleaners are also incredibly compact in size, meaning you can simply tuck them away under your desk or bed.

Hands-free with the automatic mop

Mopping the floor can be tough, especially those hard-to-reach corners that need to be cleaned by hand. Professional maids services in Dubai recommend this amazing new gadget for folks that wish to automate the cleaning process in their home or office. Automatic mops come with two sets of cleaning pads – a scrubbing pad for hard surfaces and a soft pad for buff cleaning. Just pour the cleaning solution into the mop canister and switch on the mop. You can follow it around as it goes around, scrubbing and polishing your floors. This is not a replacement for vacuuming, so you will need to remove the dust before using the mop cleaner.

Variations include a steam mop that adds a shine to your floors without the need for any cleaning agents or chemical solutions. It uses pressurized steam to clear up any dust and dirt that sticks to your floor surface. And the good thing is, you can use this on most kinds of floor materials.

Window Cleaner Robot

Window cleaning can be an exasperating task, especially when you need to hire professional cleaners every month for your office. And if your office is in a high-rise building, you are going to pay more for the climbing equipment as well. With this handy little helper, office cleaning in Dubai just got a whole lot easier.

The window cleaner robot uses its microfiber pads to scrub the glass surface, removing all the dirt in minutes. Don’t worry about the robot falling off – it attaches itself to the window surface using motor-powered suction and can move around quite easily on its own. You can control its movement remotely and adjust the cleaning speed to ensure deep cleaning, particularly for dirty windows. Enjoy the cityscape through crystal clear windows when your robot cleaner finishes up for the day.

Automatic power scrubber

Are you tired of trying to get rid of tough stains with a scrubbing brush? Sore arms and a lot of  Hiring professional maids services in Dubai would seem like the only option when you are at your wit’s end with these stains.

The automatic power scrubber comes in a range of sizes to help you remove stains from all kinds of surfaces. The attachable brush head rotates 60 times a minute, scrubbing off the encrusted dirt in mere seconds. The extendable, flexible handle ensures you do not have to be hunched down while scrubbing. Clear dirty grout linings and those corners under the sink cabinet much more easily with this handy gadget.

Self-cleaning toilets system

Cleaning the toilet manually is probably the least appealing part of house cleaning in Dubai. And the quick solution is always bleach tablets to sanitize the toilet bowl, which can degrade your flush tank tubes. Before you call in professional maids services in Dubai, take a look at this wonderful toilet cleaning kit.

With this easy to install cleaning kit, your toilets will get cleaned on their own. The self-cleaning toilet system drains the cleaning solution into the overflow pipe in the flush so that it goes directly into the toilet bowl without coming into contact with the flush valve or flapper.  And the interesting part is, the solution can last for about 3 months, during which time you won’t have any hard stains while cleaning during this time.

Sanitizing Wand

The office can be a hotbed of bacteria and germs that can spread potentially harmful diseases. An endless supply of tissues and sanitizers may not be enough defense against these hidden microbes.

The portable sanitizer wand is the perfect invention for the germaphobe in you. Just wave it around on your desk or the break room table before you settle in. although you won’t be able to see the results, you can be assured that 99.9% of the germs will be eliminated under the UV-C light. As a matter of fact, products like these have been in use in hospitals to sanitize medical equipment for a while. So you can trust the sanitizing wand to work wonders for your office work station.

Hire the best maids services in Dubai

With the best cleaning equipment on hand, you would find it much easier to clean your home or office effortlessly. However, if you do not find the time to use these gadgets in your free time, you can always call in professional house cleaning in Dubai to give you a hand. But with all these cleaning companies advertising themselves as the best, making the right choice for your particular cleaning needs can be tough.

maids services in Dubai

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