Why you should hire a cleaning company in Dubai to do your laundry

What is laundry according to cleaning companies in Dubai?

Laundry refers to the cleaning process to which our clothes and textiles are subjected to the removal of dirt attached to them. That’s one definition of laundry; by convention cloths subjected to the laundering process are also called laundry.

How laundering was done back in the old days

Before the coming of washing machine or detergents, laundering was done on the banks of rivers like Thames and Ganges where the washer folk will gather around, and beat the clothes at a big piece of rock with great force to agitate and remove the dirt particles attached to the cloths.

After the clothes are cleaned, the clothes are subjected to twisting to remove the water attached to them which in turn will be taken away by the water of the river.

How laundering is done nowadays by house cleaners in Dubai

Nowadays to remove dirt from your clothes you don’t have to beat your clothes to a pulp all thank the magical device called the washing machine invented by Alva j Fisher. According to Ha Joon chang, washing machines are a bigger game changer than the internet. The washing machine is considered such a big deal because it has greatly reduced our workload.so now we could use our time for more productive and fun things.

Washing machines not only saved us a lot of time, but it also allowed house cleaning services in Dubai and around the world to build a lucrative business in the cleaning industry.

Salim and his Red Blazer

Salim was working as a salesman for a reputed insurance firm in Dubai, being a salesman it’s important for him to always show up before a client in a neat pair of dresses. In the corporate world, people measure each other’s worth on a number of factors one of them being your choice of clothing and how you dress. As Salim was a bachelor he was staying with his friends Nishan and Afzal they took turns taking care of the household chores. As they were barely able to save enough money to send back home hiring a maid was out of the question so the friends took turns dealing with the household chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.

Juggling between their corporate life and taking care of the household tasks was not easy however, they had no other choice. One day by Allah’s grace Salim’s struck a golden deal at the office he was able to get a good lead and he was supposed to meet the client the next day at his office. To his bad luck all his lucky red blazer the one he wore to meet high profile clients was dirty and needed a good scrub however the washing machine in the basement of their building was out of commission.

Salim was scared because if he were to lose this client he won’t be able to meet the monthly target and he will lose his bonus. Then his roommate Afzal told him that there is a cleaning service in their neighborhood called offer maids and they were known for their quality. Salim was reluctant to hire the service of a cleaning company in Dubai to do his laundry. He made a call and booked laundry services at evening 4’ o clock and at the assigned time the maid from the house cleaning service came and took his clothing and told him that he will receive the cloths in an hour.

After an hour his calling bell rang when he opened the door the maid from the cleaning company greeted him and gave him the package. When he opened the package he found his red blazer shirt neatly cleaned and ironed, it looked like a brand new shirt. The next day he wore the shirt to meet Mr. Suleiman, he explained the policy scheme and was able to convert him. After that incident, the friends decided to avail the services of a cleaning service in Dubai like offer maids to do their laundry from then on wards.

Why people opt for house cleaning services in Dubai

People around the world are hiring cleaning companies to do their laundry it’s not just because people don’t find laundering to be tedious and time-consuming it has to do mainly with the fact that people can’t find enough time to deal with such chores in their monotonous hectic life. Laundry service is something that should be done with a lot of care and patience as we are dealing with cloths which should be handled with a lot of care otherwise your clothes may get damaged.

This is the main reason why cleaning companies in Dubai and across the world are sought by homeowners as well as commercial establishments to do their laundry.

How often should you wash your cloths according to house cleaning services in Dubai?

The clothes we wear like our socks, undergarments, t-shirts, etc. are worn close to our body, as a result, they get drenched with sweat coming from our sweat glands, and cone in close contact with dead cells and oils coming from our skin.

If we were to wear clothes covered with our sweat and dead skin cells we may suffer from skin irritations, burning sensation’s in the skin, etc. so that’s why it’s important for us to clean our clothes after we wear it even once.

When it comes to laundry what cleaning companies in Dubai can offer you?

Out of convenience

One of the main reasons why people are hiring cleaning companies in Dubai is because of the convenience they are offering them. Times have changed in olden days women stayed back in the house to look after household activities and laundry in homes was mainly taken care of by the womenfolk. With the ever increasing costs of living and the spread of education has given the female members of our society the necessary push to pursue jobs outside their home in the corporate sector.

By hiring cleaning companies to deal with their stack of dirty laundry establishments like hospitals, hotel staffs can allocate their cleaning staff for more important things.

Saves you a lot of time

Time is a precious resource for everyone and in our fast-paced life where you will have to juggle between a number of tasks in your home, at your office, etc. And on top of all this if people have to deal with their pile of dirty clothes also they won’t be able to manage. This Is one of the main reasons why house cleaning services in Dubai are offering laundry services to their customers so you can allocate your time for more important tasks.

Save on laundry cleaning products and electricity

When you are hiring a house cleaning service in Dubai to do your laundry for you, in addition to saving time you can save big time on electricity too. With the ever-increasing costs of electricity, it’s better to allow house cleaners in Dubai to deal with your laundry problems as washing machines are known for drawing heavy drawing loads of power thereby greatly increasing your power bills.

In addition to saving on power, you also don’t have to spend money on costly leaning products as all these will be taken care of by the cleaning company.

Going green

You must be aware of the fact that most of the synthetic cleaning solvents in the market are made of components that are harmful to both you and your clothes. This is the reason why most cleaning companies in Dubai are adopting the green cleaning initiative where they will be using green products made of natural ingredients like neem, lime to wash your clothes.

Eco-friendly green cleaning products for your clothes are costly and even if you were to prepare them yourselves it will take a lot of time to make, therefore its better to let the home cleaners in Dubai deal with the laundry.

Things you should look out for when hiring house cleaning services in Dubai to do your laundry

They can rob you off your money

The whole reason why you are hiring a local house cleaning services in Dubai to do your laundry is so, that you can allocate your time for more important things. Laundry service can be costly however, it shouldn’t bleed you dry.

So before you hire the maid to go through the website or app of the concerned company and look at what price they are providing their services for and then compare the prices with another one which provides the same service and then make a decision.

Standard cleaning process

Anyway, we are paying for laundry service out of our pocket, so it’s important that you receive the standard cleaning treatment that you deserve. Therefore, go through the websites of the house cleaning services in Dubai you want to hire to know the type of cleaning treatment they will be subjected to your clothes too.

And that’s why you should come to Offer maids here we don’t charge any exorbitant rates and we make it a point to deliver excellent cleaning services to our customers at the lowest of prices.