Cleaning tips to prepare your home for winter

Winter is a time of joy, a time for festivities, and for folks in Dubai, a welcome respite from the sweltering heat. But with the holidays fast approaching, you need to make sure your home is ready to welcome friends and family while also making arrangements for the change in weather. Here are some helpful pointers from leading cleaning companies in Dubai to keep your home cozy and comfortable for the winter.

Get your windows clean and shiny

Sunlight heats your home, but it can only do so if your windows are clean enough to let the light into your home. You obviously can’t leave your windows open throughout the day to let in sunlight, because that would be an open invitation for any curious pests that may be on the lookout for food and shelter.

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Get a professional maid agency in Dubai that specializes in window cleaning to deep-clean your window surfaces. Grime accumulation around the edges can damage the windows over time and become tougher to remove if left unattended. Professionals can also install weather stripping seal any cracks or openings around the window, preventing cold drafts and pests from coming in.

Floor Cleaning

Your floors need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Regular vacuuming side, this would be the right time to get your linoleum or hardwood floors waxed. If you have carpets, get them dusted and aired outside before cleaning the floor. Professional cleaning companies in Dubai can help you get your floors deep-cleaned and take care of any pests that may be hiding under the surface.

A good way to reduce dust on your floors is to have fewer shoes inside. Place a doormat by the front door and have a shoe-rack – preferable covered – close by so that your guests can put away their shoes when they come in.

The Heating System

Winter is the time when we switch from the air conditioner to the heater, or if you prefer, a cozy little fireplace. Either way, you will need to brush up the heating equipment and get it back in working condition before the chills set in.

Clean out the air conditioning system

Since the air conditioning system would not be turned on for a couple of months, it might be a good idea to have it cleaned out thoroughly. This will make sure your home gets a fresh breeze when you turn on the air conditioning system next time. Hire a maid agency in Dubai to clear the vents and take care of any hidden pests that may have found their way into the air ducts.

Fireplace Safety

If you are using an electric fireplace, do a once-over to make sure the wiring is free from any degradation or pest attacks. For a conventional fireplace, it might be a good idea to consult with professional cleaning companies in Dubai to review your ventilation and fire control installations. Store the fuel well away and in a dry area, preferably a covered cabinet or storage closet. Make sure your smoke alarm systems are working – replace the batteries once a month, and as an added precaution, check whether the system is in working order after you replace them.

Kitchen Cleaning

Christmas dinners are round the corner, so your kitchen needs to be overhauled and made good as new for your guests. You can hire a maid agency in Dubai to have your kitchen deep-cleaned to remove all the contaminants.

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Appliance Maintenance

Wipe down appliances with a microfiber cloth soaked in a cleaning solution. For the insides of your microwave and dishwasher, run a cycle with a bowl of vinegar solution to dislodge any tough grime. Use a spray bottle to wash off the dirt and clean with a damp cloth.

Refrigerator Cleaning

Clear out old food from the refrigerator so you have more room for fresh food. Wipe down the inside surfaces thoroughly with a damp cloth. Place a bowl of baking soda and leave for a couple of hours. Before you restock with fresh items, wipe the insides using dry paper towels.

Pest Prevention

Your home is all warm and cozy after all the work you put in, but it just won’t be complete unless you get rid of the pests in your home. Pests like to escape the cold and curl up too, and if they make their way into your home, you would have an infestation on your hands in a couple of months when it gets warm again. Here are a couple of measures that you can adopt to guard your house against pests.

Mesh Screens

Larger pests hate mesh screens because while they are almost in range of a warm haven, they can’t get inside. This may be relatively expensive, depending on the mesh material, but cleaning companies in Dubai recommend installing them on your external doors, windows, and all ventilation ducts. For one, it is a long-term solution and is also a much better option when compared to chemical solutions against pests. Also, sunlight and fresh air can enter your home without any pests coming in as well.

Wall Protection

The walls of your home might have minute cracks interstices that allow pests to come in. Unfloored basements are especially prone to rodent incursions, and with them come other crawling pests. So your best bet against these pests is to secure your walls and check for any gaps. Have a maid agency in Dubai review your interiors to make sure any gaps are sealed by professionals.

Hire a professional cleaning companies in Dubai

Cleaning may not be on your list while you are busy preparing for the holidays. Who even gets time to finish work, go shopping and still have time to enjoy themselves during Christmas anyway? Well, you can always keep your home clean with a little help from cleaning companies in Dubai. The only problem is, you will need to figure out which ones are right for your particular cleaning needs, and going through each of them before winter sets in might not be an easy task.

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