Why it’s a smart idea to hire a cleaning service in Dubai to handle your moving

We all hate moving into a new place, whether it comes along with a promotion or part of a routine transfer we all dread it. Moving into a new place it’s like wiping your slate clean, from finding a place to stay to make arrangements for your child’s education you will have to start everything from scratch. Among the tasks that come along with moving to a new location, the one that people dread the most is the cleaning part that comes with the moving. This is one of the major reasons why people are depending on a cleaning service in Dubai to help them with their moving needs.


Helpful moving tips from the best cleaning services in Dubai

Start your preparations early

Like all things in life when it comes to moving also never wait for the last moment to pack your boxes. You may think moving your stuff is easy, all you need to do is pack some boxes and load them into a truck, if only it were that easy. When it comes to packing one important rule followed by personals belonging to the major maid services in Dubai is “leave out things you use the least for last”. Among our list of things, there will be stuff we use very often and there will be things we use the least.

So next time you are packing your stuff pack your books, kitchen utensils and other tools of the trade first then move to the least frequently used but easily breakable things like your chinaware, crystal glass sets, etc.

Take apart things that could be taken apart

One of the hardest things in your houses to move around will be your furniture, they are bulky and will require multiple people to move them around. To solve this problem either you will have to hire a more helping hand to carry your things or you could deal with this the smart way. Unbolt and take your furniture apart and after you reach your new destination you can reassemble them. A common moving hack followed by personals from our maid service in Dubai.

You could use a little strategy

A common practice followed by the maids from offer maids when it comes to helping our customers with packing up their stuff is to mark the boxes with a number starting from 1 to highlight their importance. With the most important things being kept in box 1 and least important things kept in the box 3 or box 4.

The benefit of following this approach is that while you are moving in you can load the boxes which are important like the one’s which are marked 1 last so you can retrieve them easily.

Convert your garage or car porch to your packing space.

Packing is a time-consuming process no matter how much you rush in packing will take up a lot of your valuable time. So why not follow this simple tip from the maids belonging to the best maid cleaning services in Dubai. Just convert your car porch or your garage to your packing space, a place where you can pile up the boxes, duct tapes and markers on standby so you can pack up your stuff on the go and finish up your moving in a jiffy.

Larger the box smaller the contents.

A common mistake followed by many self-moving experts is that they store heavier contents like TV and radio sets, speakers, and etc inside big cartons. The problem with this practice is that there will be a lot of free space in that box which results in uneven weight distribution making it difficult for you to carry the boxes and you may end up dropping the stuff. To avoid this follow this common practice followed by personals from our maid services in Dubai

Pack small stuff like your books, stationery items, etc. neatly inside a big box and pack heavy items like TV and radio sets inside boxes that fit their sizes perfectly and cover them with duct tapes, therefore, the boxes won’t open and spill your contents midway.

Make use of your old cartons

Here at offer maids we always insist our customers use old cartons that they have stashed away in their attic than buying new ones, on the account of us being a maid cleaning service in Dubai dedicated to green cleaning. Therefore, next time you are packing up your stuff make good use of your big old Speaker and home theater cartons. By doing so you will be saving yourself some money and finding a good use for all the big boxes which were wasting up your space all this time.


Don’t drag an empty cupboard

This is another common practice seen among moving enthusiasts where they will empty the contents of their drawers and cupboards of all their clothes and other items and move them to separate boxes. Removing the contents of your dressers, cupboards and again stashing into smaller boxes is both a waste of boxes and your precious time.

So in order to avoid this situation like this, the personals from our maid services in Dubai always tells us our clients to load their cupboards, dressers, drawers, etc with as much as content as possible.

Another use for your trash bags

Your trash bags have more utility than you think, other than being ideally made for storing trash your trash bags can also serve as a good storage place for non-breakable items like your plastic plates, books, etc. The advantage trash bags provide over boxes is that they can fit into any spaces. So a common practice followed by the personals of our maid service, is to pack all the breakable items in box cartons and to pack weight less and unbreakable items in small trash bags.

Label your boxes

After you have stashed away your things inside the boxes, label the boxes on both sides, therefore, that you can identify the contents of the boxes at a later time without any problem. You can label the boxes with words like fragile, heavy, etc on the basis of the contents of the boxes. This is a common practice followed by our maid cleaning services in Dubai so that afterward when they are loading the contents of the boxes to the moving van it will be easier, as you could be extra careful when you are handling fragile items, ask for a helping hand when you are carrying an extra load etc.

Load them in sections

When it’s finally time for you to load your things to the moving truck you can follow the practice followed the best maid cleaning services in Dubai, load them in sections. First, move the heavier items into the truck and on top of them place the boxes with less heavy contents and finally on the very top place the fragile items.

Follow these moving hacks and you will be able to easily handle the woes and stress that comes with moving your stuff, so if you are pressed for time and don’t think you will be able to handle this by yourself.

Then don’t worry, you can always count on offer maids Dubai to solve your move-in/move-out cleaning problems. Make a booking with us in your convenient time, you can make a booking with us through our website https://www.offermaids.com.