Things You Should Consider Cleaning Everyday

Things You Should Consider Cleaning Everyday

Here is the list of important things you should never leave uncleaned by leading kitchen cleaning service Dubai. Yes, you should consider cleaning them every day.

To make sure that you are living in a healthy home, it is important to always keep certain surfaces clean. If you clean them every day, you can be assured that you are living in a safe home.

As the world is facing a difficult time, the only solution to stay away from coronavirus is to keep our surrounding germ-free. We may think that giving a wipe to kitchen counters or cleaning the bathrooms is just enough, but there are still many spots in our home that need attention and to keep your family healthy.

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Your Bed

According to experts, making bed daily can improve your mental and physical well being. Yes, we cannot clean the pillowcases or the bed sheets every other day but we can make the bed daily and arrange the bed to keep it look neatly arranged without any clutter or messes. Top maids company Dubai recommends washing the bed sheets and pillows cases weekly to protect the bed from germs, microbes, and bugs. Begin your everyday cleaning routine making your bed every morning and this will keep you positive towards other cleaning tasks you need to perform on a daily basis.

Tooth Brush

The second thing that we use every day is our toothbrush. Yes, we clean them every day with running water after the use. But, do you think that is enough? We use them to clean the dirt, plaque, and food particles from our teeth so sometimes, just washing toothbrushes with water cannot help. It is a good practice to dip the bristled side of a toothbrush in hold water before you use them. This will help to kill the bacteria from the toothbrush. If you are keeping your toothbrush in the bathroom, dip the brush in a mouthwash solution for 5 to 10 minutes before you use them. It will prevent germs from lingering on it.

Bathroom Sink

There are numerous bacteria and viruses that stick on the wall of your bathroom sink. Cleaning experts from Maid cleaning company Dubai recommends regularly clean the bathroom sink and other surfaces of your bathroom. If you clean your bathroom daily, it will eliminate the growth of harmful germs, microscopic pathogens, and bugs inside the bathroom and bathroom sink. If you make a habit of cleaning the bathroom sink every day, it will always keep the sink sparkling clean and free from germs, residues, and toothpaste stains. You can use a disinfectant cleaner or an alcohol-based solution for this purpose. 


The towels need to be cleaned regularly. It is important to replace the towels every day. Whether it can be those tiny towels in the bathroom, your bath towels, dish towels, or hand towels. These towels may not look dirty but there may be a lot of bacteria and microbes that are not visible through our naked eyes. Especially, there is a high chance for cross-contamination from dish towels and common towels you share with other members of your family. Hence replace them with a new one every day. Clean the used towels using a disinfectant solution to kill germs and bacteria present in it.

Counter Tops

Countertops need to be cleaned and disinfected every day since we keep a lot of things on our countertops and use them regularly. Since countertops are a commonly used space in your home, daily disinfection and cleaning are very crucial, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. According to kitchen cleaning service Dubai, giving a wipe to kitchen counters right after cooking helps to clean the surface and prevents the growth of germs, food particles and sticky dirt on the countertops. Use a disinfectant spray right after you clean the surface to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other germs from the countertops.

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Water Bottles

Most of us use reusable water bottles every day. Since bacteria can grow in these bottles in an untidy situation, it is necessary to clean them on a daily basis. Studies have found that bacteria can grow up to two million in an unclean bottle every day. This can cause serious illness. Top kitchen cleaning service Dubai recommends to use a dish cleaner that has an antimicrobial property to clean the water bottles every day. Always use high quality water bottles or bottles made of copper. Copper has natural anti-microbial properties that will help to destroy microbes naturally.

Wooden Utensils

Many of us use wooden spatulas and cutting boards in the kitchen. Do you know that an unclean wooden utensil can be the breeding place of several harmful microbes and germs? They need to clean and disinfect in a proper way in order to ensure safety against germs and bacteria. Kitchen cleaning service Dubai suggests soaking the wooden utensil including cutting boards in vinegar and water solution. You can also sprinkle some baking soda on the cutting board. Rinse it off with running water to deep clean and deodorize the wooden cutting board.


Do you really need to clean the keyboard? According to maid company Dubai, if you are a person who regularly uses a keyboard to type on, you need to clean it with high priority. There can be a lot of dust and grime in between the keys. If they are not regularly cleaned, they can be the breeding ground for bacteria and cause harmful infections on humans. Leading Office cleaning Dubai company suggests cleaning the keyboard using a mild electronic friendly cleaner. You can use a duster to dust off the particles. Once cleaned simply spray a disinfectant to get rid of germs from the surface of your keyboard.

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