Importance of Monthly Household Cleaning

When it comes to your family’s health, you need to ensure all-round cleanliness in your home so that you can reduce the chances of getting sick from germs and bacteria. Your home can harbor many harmful germs and parasites when you leave it unclean over a period of time.

How often you clean your home can greatly improve your family’s health. Monthly cleaning can actually make your house look fresh and cozy to live in. you’ll feel a lot better when you know that your home is sterile and healthy for your family to live in. before you hire hourly maids in Dubai, go through the following tips to clean those spots in your home that require regular cleaning.

Cleaning services in Dubai


It doesn’t matter what kind of furniture you have, but regular use can cause a lot of germs to accumulate on them, especially if you have pets in the house. With so many spaces and crevices, allergies and parasites can make a home in your furniture if left unsupervised. Regular vacuuming can take care of dust and pollen that gets drawn to your furniture. Cushions need to be aired often to remove any foul odors that develop over time.

Basic care for your cushion fabric can be handled by a simple method. Sprinkle baking soda on the furniture fabric and let it rest for about half an hour. This helps stifle any odors and removes light stains in the fabric. Vacuum the whole area with a hose attachment to remove the baking soda, restoring the fresh look of the fabric.

However, in order to properly disinfect and clean your cushions, hire professional cleaning services in Dubai so that your cushions are steam-cleaned and sanitized.


Cleaning your windows is absolutely necessary to maintain a clean home environment. Note that you should clean windows both inside and outside surfaces, as well as the windowsills in order to remove any dust and dirt that could make their way into your home. Hire good hourly maids in Dubai if you’re not sure how to effectively clean your glass windows. 


The one place that needs special care during cleaning is your kitchen. Germs and dirt getting in your food can severely compromise your health and that of your family. Apart from regular cleaning of counter tops and the sink, these appliances need to be cleaned once in a while to keep your kitchen safe and pristine.


Your refrigerator keeps food from spoiling and kills any germs. But any food items that are left inside for a long time, especially vegetables, tend to become dehydrated and spoil over time. It is not enough to remove spoiled food from inside your refrigerator. There might be mold growth that stays inside and spoil other foodstuffs as well.

When you clean your fridge, remove all items from inside and check if any food has been spoiled. It would be enough to check the expiration date for packed food items. Next, clean the shelves with a warm soap solution and a sponge. Wipe the water off with a microfiber cloth to remove any streaks. Additionally, disinfect the interior walls using paper towels and bleach solution. When replacing the food, organize the items so that perishable items are easily accessible.


To clean the exterior surface, wipe with a damp microfiber cloth to remove any dirt. Dip a sponge in warm soap solution and clean the surface thoroughly to remove stains and grime.

Dishwashers usually come with filters to prevent food bits from making their way into the plumbing and clog the sewage system. But this filter system requires regular cleaning to make sure it doesn’t emit any foul odor over time. Remove the filter system and open the central cylinder inside. Clean the whole thing in warm water using a brush. Unclog any loose bits of grime that have made their way into the spray arm as well.

Cleaning services in Dubai

Finally, after cleaning inside and out, place a bowl of vinegar in the bottom rack and run a normal cycle. Any stains from leftover food will be cleaned by this. If tough stains still remain, consult maids cleaning services in Dubai to get recommendations on good dishwasher solutions that can remove mineral deposits in your dishwasher.

Range Hood Filter:

Range hoods are designed to collect the grease and smoke and fumes in the air to remove any harmful particles. Over time, the filter needs to be cleaned out so that the particle buildup doesn’t get in the way of its functionality.

Mix hot water, baking soda and soap solution and leave the filter to soak in it for about 20 minutes. Scrub off the loose grease with a brush and rinse with water. Dry with paper towels before replacing the filter back inside the hood.

Garbage Disposal:

Most kitchens now come with garbage disposal units to effectively take care of food waste. To clean out your unit, mix a cup of white vinegar with half a cup of baking soda, then pour it into the sink. Wait a few minutes and then pour hot, boiling water to rinse the debris. Pour some salt and lime solution to keep the water running and the garbage disposal unit working smoothly.

Ceiling fixtures:

You don’t notice the ceiling fixtures in your home so often and that is probably why they don’t get cleaned as regularly as the rest of the house. You would imagine not a lot of dust could actually make its way up there, let alone stay there for months at a time.

Cleaning light fixtures:

You’ll find the lights becoming dull in some rooms even though you had the light bulbs replaced just a week ago. Remove the exterior fixture and brush it to remove any bugs and dust particles. Clean with a damp cloth to restore the shine to the surface. Now your rooms are bright and glowing again! 

Ceiling fans:

If you haven’t cleaned your ceiling fans in a while, you’ll notice dust falling down in ribbons from the ceiling occasionally. If this happens, you are at risk of breathing in a lot of dust that gets dispersed by the fan. There is also a chance that the rotor getting clogged by dust. Dust your ceiling fan with a soft brush to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Wipe off with a damp cloth to keep it looking beautiful and stain-free.

Laundry appliances:

Your clothes go in dirty and come out fresh and clean. But once in a while, your laundry machines need to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure your clothes are germ-free and fresh after going into the machine.

Washing Machine:

If you use your washing machine at least once a week, you need to run a cleaning cycle once a month along with exterior cleaning. Wipe the exterior surface with a damp microfiber cloth to remove dirt stains. To clean the inside of the machine, wash with a mixture of bleach and hot water. Wash cycles mostly involve room-temperature water. The hot water removes germs and parasites that may line the inside of your washing machine.


Dryers have lint traps that can be emptied before each load, but it is still safe to clean it out once a month to prevent a fire. Wrap a clean rag around the end of a used toothbrush and use this to clean out the lint trap. Try dampening the rag to help remove the lint more easily.

Hire the best cleaning services in Dubai:

Cleaning services in Dubai

The best maids cleaning services in Dubai would tell you how important it is to keep your home spotless and fresh every day. However, between work, social outings, family life and generally putting your feet up, you could not possibly clean your home while juggling with all the other chores at home. You can always hire professional hourly maids services in Dubai to help you out when you feel overwhelmed with all the housework.

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